The Clone-zone Cycle
The Clone-zone Cycle follows the fortunes of Julian Donaldson, later known as Jamie MacDonald, who was a child prodigy, graduating with an Honors Masters degree in his early twenties, clever if somewhat immature.  He joins the family firm, Donaldson Network Consultants – DNC – as a fresh-faced IT whiz-kid.

1. Shadow Hacker :  – link here – Julian Donaldson becomes an ‘official’ Hacker, first to legally test a new high-security computer network system – to his youthful delight – then later also to expose illegal hackers for the local police.  In collaboration with his father, he explores an unusual wireless network peculiarity that ends up creating a minor, temporary time-slip dimensional ‘bubble’.  His father is killed and Julian has to grow up fast!  He tries to use this strange ‘Shadow World’ to expose incriminating evidence against crooks, who do not appreciate his efforts any more than the police do.  A car-bomb attack aimed at him kills his fiancée instead.  No longer available from Amazon, free EPUB download available here.
gif2. Shadow Raider :  – link here – Under a new identity, Julian is now Jamie MacDonald, and has refined the technology developed in his younger years.  He resumes Shadow Raiding for the Brisbane police, even though he no longer lives in Brisbane.  They refer to his vaguely-described Shadow World as his ‘clone-zone’ because it contains nothing but exact copies of stationary objects.  His ability to photograph, scan or copy stationary objects carefully hidden by criminals allows the police to obtain Search Warrants to seize evidence against them, and the same dilemma arises:  the crooks want him dead, and most police want him locked up!  No longer available from Amazon, free EPUB download available here.