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This is a simple website for Lindsay ( Roland ) Whipp, living in Maleny, Queensland, Australia, and his friends and family living in various parts of Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
Lindsay also writes “Speculative Fiction” novels under the pen-name Roland Lindsay.  He started writing decades ago, before eBbooks had been invented, and the only type of book was what we now euphemistically refer to as a pBook.  It was best, then, to have a mid-alphabet surname for optimal shelf placement in book-stores.  Being up there with the A’s, or down there with the W’s made recognition hard.  In these days of eBooks and online searching it no longer matters a damn.
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You’ll see from the Sidebar that there are pages of news with pix of interest to family and friends.  Also, there are some pages describing the various Roland Lindsay novels, and a few pages of comment ( okay, so they’re blogs ) under the Sundry Stuff or Spyder Stuff menus.

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For Can-Am Spyder-related topics, the main subjects are static pages under the ‘Spyder Stuff!’ sidebar menu.

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