This is a simple website for Lindsay ( Roland ) Whipp, living in Maleny, Queensland, Australia, and my friends and family living in various parts of Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
You’ll see from the Sidebar that there are pages of news with pix of interest to family and friends.  All the news items are, of course, personal opinion about current news.  I also write “Speculative Fiction” novels under the pen-name Roland Lindsay.  I started writing decades ago, before eBbooks had been invented, and the only type of book was what we now euphemistically refer to as a pBook.  It was best, then, to have a mid-alphabet surname for optimal shelf placement in book-stores.  Being up there with the A’s, or down there with the W’s made recognition hard.  In these days of eBooks and online searching it no longer matters a damn.
Under the Books menu there are some pages describing the various Roland Lindsay novels, and a few pages of comment under the Sundry Stuff menu.
Use the Email button (top right) to jolt me out of my usual hibernation!

spyder stuff
For Can-Am Spyder-related topics, there are some static pages under the Spyder Stuff! sidebar menu.  The main issue is front wheel alignment.  I built a toolkit to align the front wheels of my own Spyder in 2013 and made that kit available to other owners until June 2022, particularly those not living in major cities where Dealers can do that work.  For rural owners, DIY alignments are necessary.  That kit is no longer available for loan, but pages about it and how to build one are still here.

My daughter Fiona produces great contemporary art in Tasmania, and has a website to display her work.  Click the logo to link to that site.