an eBook in EPUB format.  Two births occur in the 1990s at virtually the same time.  In Sydney, Australia, Tatiana Petersen is born, daughter of 2 distinguished scientists.  In the USA, a new faction is born out of warring factions in the Mafia and becomes known as Primacy – it seeks to control all phases of international synthetic fuel production and distribution in readiness for the post-oil era.
coversIn Australia 18 years later, Tatiana Petersen is years ahead of her contemporaries academically and has become a bit of a media darling – much like her famous father, who died when she was 14.  Her mother runs the family scientific research lab, but is murdered just as Tatiana completes her BSc degree at age 18.  Her eccentric uncle, Max Kosalaeiv, also with semi-scientific credentials, tries to persuade her that the murder was the work of Primacy, and that she should now flee Sydney like he is about to do – she refuses...  but is soon forced to reconsider, and defers her academic pursuits to join her uncle in rural seclusion by following cryptic clues in a complex chase.  There, she helps Max to develop variations of his Microwave ‘Spinner’ invention, particularly a medical one.  She meets a local boy, Gordon, who is a video surveillance expert, and he eventually becomes part of the inventor team by contributing useful ideas and skills.
By designing low-power Spinners suitable for Tatiana’s Medi-spinner application, Max is soon able to modify Spinners for his main invention, which he calls the Archimedes Displacement Device.  Tatiana suggests using the Faraday Cage normally used to protect the inventors from high levels of microwave, converting it into an ‘Archimedes Chamber’ that the user stands inside.  With the new low-power Spinners mounted outside, this now resembles a teleport device, provided the displacement is only between two carefully-calibrated, identically-sized Archimedes Chambers within specific distance limitations.  It is a significant, important advance.
Using a variation on the original Archimedes that allows displacement to undefined locations, but at great risk (destination coordinates can’t be tested before using), Tatiana and Gordon bug the Sydney HQ of Primacy using Gordon’s expertise in surveillance, and this allows the Australian Federal Police to gather intelligence.  Primacy finds the inventors’ rural hideaway and raids it, but Max and Tatiana had long been expecting that, foil the attack, then escape to an alternative hideaway.
Patenting the Archimedes Chamber is fraught with danger, their lawyer advises, since it is bound to trigger massive economic upheaval and worldwide social chaos, and Primacy will certainly oppose every step to introduce Archimedes Chamber technology – their grip on the synthetic fuel market would become less critical.  The team decides to virtually give the invention away to the UN, who will own all rights to it and will decide who, when, where and if manufacture of them happens.
While they are waiting for the UN patent application for the Archimedes Chamber to be processed, technical advances increase the scope of the device and the political, economic and criminal implications of their wonderful invention have sealed their fate...  the inventors will now inevitably have to live reclusive lives for decades.

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