The Warder Cycle (Trilogy)

The Warder Cycle

The Warder Cycle trilogy follows the fortunes of Martin Farrell, an unusual man with the ability to ‘Ward’ trees and tap the very small bio-mass energy created by living things.  He is a throwback, and knows it – nothing like his Irish parents, he grows up in New Zealand but goes to Canada as a young man to explore his abilities.  Trees, especially in a warded mass, produce enough bio-mass energy to enable him to do useful things.  He becomes a farmer and forester.
__—— Throwback’s Realm :  The riddle of Martin’s genetic makeup is solved, but he has to enter the ‘Hidden Realm’ to help his new-found people in their hour of need.  As an ‘Outsider’, he forces unwelcome but necessary changes.  Available for Kindle from Amazon, US$2.60.
__—— Tree Thinker :  Martin, with his exaggerated sensitivity to bio-mass energy, rises to a high advisory position in his new Realm and oversees the discovery of the tree-based life-form infusing the entire Hidden Realms.  Available for Kindle from Amazon, US$2.60.
__—— Heavy Biscuits :  In the fast-emerging Hidden Realms, Martin promotes exploration of unique bio-mass ‘Kidaq’ technology to improve trade and security for the Hidden Realms, and encourages humanity’s first attempt at asteroid mining.  Available for Kindle from Amazon, US$2.60.

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