The Quantum Elbow
__—— an eBook for the Kindle.  This book has been re-written, and it will be the first of a series named Vortex Evolution...  dunno how long that will take, but probably about a year or two, so it has currently been ‘un-published’, to be ‘re-published’ in about 2020, I would guess, when the sequel story is well under way...  The book covers shown below are just interim images until the sequel is much closer to finished.

An engineer working in aircraft accident investigation takes a physics course to improve his understanding of electronics, and stumbles on an idea.  Over thirty years, that idea develops, and he finally patents his invention, then thinks about applying it to the real world...  but, by this time, he is already nearing retirement age.  An array of his Quantum Elbows can be used as an engine, but produces a violent vortex that makes it unlikely to ever be used widely for aviation purposes.  He looks for specialized applications, and employs a young protege to advance the new technology.
He finds the ideal ‘niche’ for his invention.  Orbital satellite launches and space-junk destruction become the focus for his small firm, to the ultimate benefit of all people on Earth, because his ‘QE’ technology is cheaper and cleaner than rocket technology – and that damaging vortex does no harm up there.  But his young protege has grander plans...

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