The Homo Magnetica Tetralogy

The Homo Magnetica tetralogy follows the fortunes of four successive generations of the Tyler family, born with an innate sensitivity to Earth’s magnetic field.

__—— Sensitive Sapiens :  Brian Tyler discovers the magnetic field effect and, because of his technical abilities, is able to develop sensitivity to this into a range of useful abilities.  Commercial rivals don’t like this.  Available for Kindle from Amazon, US$2.60
__—— Mag Mandate :  Bethanie Tyler takes the abilities of her parents and enhances them, gathering opponents and, eventually, enemies, as she pushes the boundaries for ‘Mags’.  She also triggers a ‘Diaspora’ to settle a small number of planets.  Available for Kindle from Amazon, US$2.60
__—— Defender’s Destiny :  James Tyler-Harrison is Beth’s son, and now seems so different to ordinary humanity that he and other Mags are increasingly regarded as completely alien.  He becomes Prime One, head of the military-style Defenders.  Available for Kindle from Amazon, US$2.60
__—— Red-Hand Heritage :  Natalie Tyler equals her father’s rank of Prime, but also inherits his role as Planetary Alliance Envoy to the UN on Earth, and as a dreaded Red-Hand.  Available for Kindle from Amazon, US$2.60

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